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British Christmas Tree Growers Association


A Code of Practice for Christmas Tree Growers

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association provides an advisory and representational service to growers of real Christmas Trees within the United Kingdom. Members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association are asked to comply with a code of practice so that trees are grown to the best environmental and sustainable practice. Any complaints and concerns regarding this Code and its implementation can be raised with the Secretary of the Association at Fynn Valley Farm,Main Road, Tuddenham St. Martin, Ipswich, IP6 9BZ; Tel 01473 785100; emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

British Christmas Trees - Code of Practice.


All seed used for the cultivation of British Christmas Trees will be selected from seed sources which are sustainable and do not present any threat to endangered species. Growers will have available from seed suppliers or nurseries a certificate to that effect.

treebutton1newPlanted area.

The area of land used for the cultivation of Christmas Trees will have been subjected to a survey on environmental; ecological or archaeological impact. The grower will have taken action to alleviate or minimise any damage as a result of his actions.

treebutton1newCultivation of Trees

The growing of trees will be done in accordance with the best practice indicated by research in this country and overseas.

  • Such cultivation;
  • will take account of on site and off site impacts;
  • take measures to protect important special features;
  • comply with all health and safety requirements, for both workers and the public;
  • and include planning for accidents.


The growing of Christmas Trees shares with many horticultural cultivation threats from a variety of pests and diseases.

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association will commission and encourage research into methods of dealing with pests and disease which reduce or eliminate the need to use chemical herbicides or pesticides. Growers will have available for inspection any requirements under the COSSH Regulations and will guarantee that any use of chemicals will be in accordance with the current Pesticide regulations and will be the minimum necessary to deal with the particular problem. All procedures for the use of chemicals will include suitable protective clothing and work instructions for operatives and storage pf chemicals will be in accordance with best practice.

The control of rabbits and deer browsing will be by fencing or humane culling. Such action will be taken after consultation with neighbours where this is possible, and will ensure that fencing does not impact on rights of way.


British Christmas Tree Growers will have in place a procedure for dealing with a spillage of chemicals or fuel and will have available plant and equipment for dealing with any such accidental spillage.  Workers will be aware of  the use of such equipment.


Christmas Trees provide an excellent habitat for many bird species.  British Christmas Tree Growers take account of the habitats of these birds in the cultivation of there trees. The cycle of growing and harvesting Christmas Trees is particularly conducive to birdlife and no work will be done which will disturb nests or young birds.


The cutting of Christmas trees is done in winter and has little or no effect on breeding or disturbance of wildlife. Trees will be harvested and handled to ensure maximum freshness for the purchaser


All workers will be trained for the operations they carry out. The Health and Safety Regulations will be met and the necessary protective clothing will be provided.

treebutton1newChristmas Trees

All Growers of British Christmas Trees will have available written advice to buyers on methods of ensuring survival of the tree for as along as possible. Trees after use are recyclable and there is no energy use or pollution in the growing of the tree.

There will be available for inspection a record of the source and ownership chain for the tree.

Make sure that the tree is from a British Christmas Tree Grower