The BCTGA Represents Christmas Tree Growers in the UK

Our Aims Are:-

  • Promote sales of quality, UK grown Christmas trees
  • Provide marketing information to growers
  • Encourages the exchange of ideas and information
  • Provides a logo which is a “kite mark” for members’ trees with a stamp of quality

The Benefits of a Membership Are:-

  • Join a supportive community; committed to working together
  • Regular newsletters, Cropwatch and information to support growers
  • Information on trials
  • Members technical helpline
  • Private Facebook group - ask questions, share information, member support
  • Open Days
  • Competition Day – winning tree grower supplies tree to No.10 Downing Street, a great honour and publicity
  • Access to BCTGA branding to promote quality, UK grown Christmas trees
  • Opportunity to buy BCTGA labels
  • Free entry into Wholesale List
  • Access to members area of website 
  • The BCTGA works with you to promote sales of natural, quality, UK grown Christmas trees.
If you would like to become a member of BCTGA please fill in the form below. All fields are required.

Full Membership is open to individuals, companies or estates who grow or intend to grow, within twelve months, their own Christmas trees in the UK.

Associate Membership is open to Consultants, Managers of client’s trees, Dealers and Traders, Nurserymen, Market Wholesalers, Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors, Crop Protection, Growing Mediums and others involved in the Christmas Tree Trade whose business is in the UK.

Please select any that apply to your business:
Number of trees being grown
Home Grown UK Grown by others Imported
Number of trees sold last Christmas
Forecast of sales for next Christmas
Associate member business description
My proposer from the BCTGA membership (must be a full member, not an Associate Member) is:

All prices are based on an annual membership subscription and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

I wish to apply for Full/Associate Membership of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association and agree to pay the annual subscription, within 30 days of invoice. I agree to abide by the Rules of the Association.

The BCTGA Management Committee has the discretion to decline membership to any person or any business.

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