Naturally Beautiful British Christmas Trees

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Buying British grown real Christmas trees means you can be confident the product you are buying is environmentally friendly as well as supporting local producers by investing in their business. Grown sustainably and available from our UK-wide network of BCTGA members. 

BCTGA Members are independent growers supplying cut and container grown trees, handmade festive wreaths and accessories to the wholesale market. View the 2023 Wholesale List here 

A wholly sustainable crop

Real Christmas trees are planted on a cycle and allowed to mature, not felled from pre-existing forests. Once harvested, each tree is replaced by another seedling with up to 10 trees planted for every average size tree grown. As a natural product they are fully recyclable.

Benefits to nature - not only at Christmas but all year round

Christmas tree plantations form an important part of our rural landscape and contribute not only to its connectivity but the overall biodiversity of arable areas.

The importance of Christmas tree plantations to both birds and mammals was highlighted by a recent biodiversity survey commissioned by the BCTGA. The research, carried out by industry experts, showed some fascinating results on the breadth and scope of native wildlife numbers and species found in Christmas tree plantations.

Encouragingly this included a number of species which are under threat. Red Listed bird species – the highest conservation concern – were recorded nesting and foraging on the plantations, while they were also favoured by threatened mammals including the native red squirrel, bats, and harvest mice.

Christmas tree plantations are used by songbird and migratory bird populations for shelter and food sources, all are supported by a healthy balance of invertebrate species.  

Keep it real – buy naturally beautiful British Christmas trees

With the focus very much on our environmental impact, buying a real Christmas tree, bought locally will not only be fresher but also has a lower carbon footprint. During the 8-10 years it has taken to grow, a real tree will have acted as a carbon sink, absorbing CO2, and releasing oxygen.

View the 2023 BCTGA Wholesale List – designed to make buying British Christmas trees easy.