Choose the Right Christmas Tree for You

Look no further than a real British grown Christmas tree for that unbeatable festive scent this Christmas. Nothing compares to a real British Christmas tree as the centrepiece for your home. It will look stunning and its evergreen fragrance will be fresh and evocative of cosy family Christmases.

A British Christmas tree, bought from a BCTGA member, will be of the very best quality.

Choosing a real British Christmas tree has many advantages, not last the fun experience of paying a family visit to your local British Christmas Tree Growers Association member, many of whom open to the public so that they can pick out their own tree and take it home with them, fresh from the plantation.

Choosing real British trees over artificial alternatives is also better for the environment. According to the Carbon Trust, a real Christmas tree has a significantly lower carbon footprint than an artificial one. A real pine or fir tree absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and during its typical 10-year lifespan, it also provides a habitat for wildlife.

You can shop smart for a British Christmas tree by measuring the height of your ceiling and floor space first. Take a tape measure with you when you go to choose your tree and be sure to allow enough space for a decoration to sit on top and for a stand in which to secure your tree.

The most popular tree varieties in the UK include:

Nordmann Fir – This is the most popular Christmas Tree in the UK as it has excellent needle retention, with lush, dark green needles. They are symmetrical trees with strong branches, great for displaying ornaments.Nordmann Fir Treetorial.

Fraser Fir – These trees have great fragrance with dark green, needles that are silvery underneath. Good needle retention and a pyramid-shaped, strong branches which turn upward. Fraser Fir Treetorial.

Noble Fir – Ideal for great needle retention and a fresh fragrance. With bluish-green needles and short, stiff branches; great for heavier ornaments; keeps well. Nobel Fir Treetorial.

Douglas Fir – probably the strongest scent of all Christmas trees, very popular in the USA. A true fir with great shape but a little harder to decorate with baubles as usually much denser.

Norway Spruce – Keep them well watered for good needle retention and enjoy this traditional Christmas tree which is dark green and has a strong fragrance along with a great conical shape. Norway Spruce Treetorial.

Blue Spruce – Attractive trees, known for their unique blue colouring, needs watering well and has good stiff branches, great for hanging heavy decorations. 

Lodgepole Pine – A low needle-drop tree with beautiful tapering branches, that rarely lose their needles if well hydrated.  The needles are green/yellow in colour. The traditionalists Christmas tree. Lodgepole Pine Treetorial.

Serbian Spruce - Tall and slender, with graceful upswept branches. It has glossy dark green needles with slender streaks of white, a very good ornamental alternative.

To find your local grower visit our 'Find a Tree' section.