Member Spotlight - Hans Christmas Andersen

Hans Christmas Andersen is a family run Christmas Tree Farm in the Surrey Hills and Kent, the whole family is involved one way or another. With Hans and Julie at the helm, aided by son Kristien making sure the growing process is covered! Julie’s sister Karen helps in the office, and at other times of the year daughters Sarah and Annie help when their ‘proper jobs’ allow! The family hope one day that grandchildren Ezra and Elias will follow in their footsteps.

Hans Christmas Andersen is delighted to announce their first ever Christmas Tree Swap Shop.

Hans says ''Fresh home-grown Christmas Trees are amazing for the environment, not only do real Christmas trees naturally absorb CO2 and release oxygen, but a single tree can absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime, and one acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people each day. They also provide a habitat for wildlife.

Artificial trees have been the staple of many homes for many years, but our aim is to introduce more local people to the benefits of buying a real home grown tree, so this year we are introducing a swap shop. Customers can bring their old artificial tree* to our farm, and we will swap it for a voucher towards a real home grown environmentally friendly sustainable Christmas tree.''

As artificial Christmas trees cannot be recycled, rather than sending perfectly good artificial Christmas trees to landfill they will ensure that they are re-used and re-homed.Hans and his team will be donating them to the local branch of national charity DEBRA, who will ensure they go to a loving new home. DEBRA is the national charity and patient support organisation for people living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB).

''DEBRA are delighted to partner with Hans Christmas Andersen Christmas Tree Farm to find new homes for pre-loved artificial Christmas trees this festive season.The funds raised from the sale of these trees in DEBRA stores will enable us to continue to provide vital community support services for families and individuals with EB, and fund potentially life-changing research that could lead to effective treatments that help stop the pain of EB''

For further information contact Kim Robson on 01483 271770 or

*artificial trees must be complete and un damaged