Member Spotlight - Troway Hall Nursery

The health and wellbeing benefits of real Christmas trees is the number one reason to go real this year, according to one grower.

Gloria Havenhand from Troway Hall Nursery, Coal Aston, Derbyshire is a firm believer in the incredible health benefits of buying a real Christmas tree.

“Firstly, there’s the wonderful aroma of natural pinene which is an active ingredient of Christmas trees and this is a real aid to wellbeing and relaxation.

“And let’s not forget that Christmas trees provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife when they’re growing, as they’re the bedrock of bees as well as sheltering insects, birds and mammals.”

Troway Hall Nursery has over 72,000 Christmas trees growing across its land and provides trees of up to 30ft to towns and villages within a 50 miles radius.

As well as Christmas trees, Troway Hall Nursery is also the only place in the country to produce  Antibacterial honey called MediBee Bio Active honey from its beehives.

Gloria describes the grounds as an “eco delight” and is keen to promote Christmas tree care to customers once they take it home.

“Your Christmas tree is a living thing – just like our bees who drink immense amounts of water throughout the Summer months. Your tree will drink at least 2 pints of water per day.”

Gloria encourages customers to keep their tree well-watered every day.

“Remember before putting the tree in the stand, cut off half an inch at the bottom when you get it home, leave it in the net, put it in a stand and keep it somewhere cool and dry for a couple of hours before bringing it in and when in position – remove the net and Hey Presto!

“Remember in the modern house, which is totally insulated and warm all day long, there can little ventilation and fresh air so remember to keep your tree watered and away from the radiator.”

Delivery is available up to 15 miles.

Troway Hall Nursery, Coal Aston, S18 3BA. Tel: 01246 413095 / 01246 413809

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